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Your Mental Fat Burner

  Wouldn’t it be great while looking at the fat on your body in the mirror you could zap it off with your mind? Well that’s not too far from being possible, but the sequence will be a little different. What most people don’t know is that you brain, which weights around 3 pounds can burn up to 20% of your bodies Resting Metabolic Rate ...

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How To Get To Your Travel Weight

  With vacations we always have 2 different types of visual body weights. There is the weight we are at now and then there is the weight we want to be at when we leave for vacation. For some of us it can be a small 5 pound loss and for others it’s a lot more. Travel weight can be a tricky thing, especially if your vacation is sooner rathe...

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Undoing Relationship Weight Gain

Love is in the air when you first meet your significate other, you remember all those wonderful things. Your first date, first kiss, and the first time they took your breath away (I mean like in the bedroom of course). But the funny thing that we don’t remember is the first pound we gain in the relationship. Then something weird happens, that 1 p...

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Two Important Things That Will Help You Land A Job

We all know that landing a new job isn’t always as easy as it seems. First we have to prepare to meet someone we don’t know or better yet never met. Then we have to make sure we have the perfect hand shake, right attitude and the right experience for the next 30 to 60 minutes. But at the end of the day the person...

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Planning a vacation is cool, what is cooler, is when you already have the ticket and you just can’t wait to cruise and enjoy the reservation and the beach resort. You have succeeded in securing yourself a time off and you are free from the daily routine and requirement of work. Now there is just one thing left ‘how to get in shape for your vaca...

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