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With vacations we always have 2 different types of visual body weights. There is the weight we are at now and then there is the weight we want to be at when we leave for vacation. For some of us it can be a small 5 pound loss and for others it’s a lot more. Travel weight can be a tricky thing, especially if your vacation is sooner rather than later. But anyone can lose weight, but it’s more difficult for most people to lose weight in your problem areas. Here is how to eliminate the fat in those problem areas to get down to your travel weight.

Activate Your Slow Twitch Muscles

Your muscles have two types of muscle fibers; fast twitch and slow twitch. Fast twitch fibers tend to build muscle while slow twitch fibers tend to reduce your overall body weight faster. The way you trigger your slow twitch muscle fibers is to do cardio at a steady pace. When you’re running maintain your speed at 60% to 70% of your max and do not try to sprint. When you are lifting weights you not only want to do high reps, but you need to make sure the resting periods are 3 to 5 seconds between each set. After you finish doing cardio, now will be the time to work on your target areas. Keep your pace slow and for each set don’t focus on a number just keep working until fail, then move on to the next exercise. You should be doing 3 to 4 exercises in 3 to 4 rounds or sets.

Eliminate All Salt & Sugar

Your stomach has over 2,000 neurons in it, which is more neurons then a dog has in its brain. In addition, it’s made of the same material as your brain, which is why you always get a gut feeling. Your body only uses 60% of the food you eat and another 30% is consumed by the bacteria in your digestive. Also a majority of the immune system is in your digestive system. Salt will make your body retain water weight as it’s broken down through your system. Sugar will cause the digestive system to trigger an insulin imbalance which will sporadically take your body through energy peaks and crashes throughout the day. By eliminating all salts and sugars it will level out the way the body retains and cycles water intake and nullify the body’s use of insulin for energy and fat retention.

Do Two A Days

Since we consume calories throughout the day we need to make sure we are burning calories throughout the day as well. Doing workouts will have your body in calorie burning mode throughout the whole day. Best time to do cardio and abs is first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. And for most people the best time to perform weight training is toward the afternoon. When weight training try to incorporate calisthenics into your workout to keep your body within its fat burning zone. For instance if you’re doing legs you want to start with squats, then leg extensions, and finally squat jacks. Customize a routine like this or something similar to optimize your body’s fat burning in your problem areas.

Focus On Interval Training

The best type of training for rapid weight loss is interval training! Depending on the amount of time you have to train to get down to your travel weight will determine what type of training you should select. “If you do not have a lot of time to lose weight” I will not choose a boot camp routine. With boot camp style workouts your body tends to gain weight first then a little later down the road you will start shedding pounds. Why? Because the body is not use to this type of training and starts to retain all the water it can find as a defense mechanism. The best kept secret that’s perfect for getting to your travel weight, it’s called Body With Language at www.bodywithlanguage.com . The program allows you to learn a new language while working out and most of their exercises are interval training type exercises. I like it because I get to learn words and phrases in a new language while I am exercising. Plus they have 15, 20, and 30 minute workouts so when I am doing 2 A Days I can workout 30 minutes in the morning and 15 or 20 minutes at night. Or you can take a boxing fitness class at a gym like Battle Tested Fitness www.battletf.com .

What most people don’t know is that your brain which only weighs 3 pounds burn up to 20% of your body’s Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR). Remember your body does not burn calories; it’s the brain telling the body to burn calories. So you will accelerate the amount of calories you burn by choosing a workout program that uses your brain during a workout acording to patreon.com. A boxing or cardio kickboxing workout is great because you have to think about your movements. But once you learn all the moves you’re back to square one. This is why I use the Body With Language program, once you finish with one routine just move to the next level. Therefore the brain is always thinking and being utilized during your workout. What else can challenge your brain more during a workout than learning a new language.

You Need Vitamins & Nutrition

First, stay away from processed carbs and whole grains. Why?. Do you know what they feed a cow to make them gain weight “whole grains” and if you don’t eat like a cow, then “you won’t have a cow man”. Also beside your multi vitamins you should be taking vitamin B including vitamin B complex, B5, and B12 metabolic because it helps increase your metabolism. These B vitamins should be taken in the morning after you eat. Also all carbohydrates should be eaten before or right after a workout, because this is when you need them most.

With these tips and tricks above you should be down to your travel weight in no time. Most important do not let your trip or vacation weigh you down, I’ve seen people gain 20 pounds on vacation before. Me I take the Body With Language program with me since its web based and before I go out to eat I do a quick 15 to 20 minute workout.

Safe Travels

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