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Health and Fitness has become the cure all for battling disease and aliments in your mind and body, including no other than cancer. But the best way to stay healthy is to do what is necessary to keep yourself healthy before you get sick. Unfortunately most will take all the time in the world and do all the work in the world to take care of bills instead of the thing that actually pays the bills, which is our body. One of the biggest going threats out there is Cancer and with its increasing numbers, we have to take action now to make sure our bodies stay among the living.

Prostate Cancer

According to www.drgeo.com with exercising to combat Prostate Cancer one can reduce their risk up to 20%. (Liu et al. 2011)  One of the benefits of exercising is to reduce the chances of becoming over-weight or obese. Carrying extra pounds increases the risk of aggressive prostate cancer significantly. http://www.ianslive.in states: Men who are tall and obese may be at an increased risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer as well as death from the condition, according to a study. Higher BMI was also found to be associated with increased risk of aggressive tumors as well as increased risk of death from prostate cancer. “The finding of high risk in taller men may provide insights into the mechanisms underlying prostate cancer development, for example related to early nutrition and growth,” said lead author Aurora Perez-Cornago from the the University of Oxford in the UK.

Kidney Cancer

I know this sound strange; I mean who would think of Kidney Cancer of all things. But according to www.urologyhealth.org On average, people are diagnosed with kidney cancer at around age 64. It’s rarely found in people younger than age 45. Generally, our lifetime risk for developing cancer in the kidney is about 1 in 63 (1.6%)1. This risk is higher in men than in women. They also state: Kidney cancer is one of the top 10 most common cancers diagnosed in the United States. In 2017, about 63,990 people will be diagnosed. About 14,000 people will die from this disease. Of the people who are diagnosed early (stage I or II cancer), 75-80% will survive.

Breast Cancer

www.drgeo.com states: In Breast Cancer there is a 25% reduction in the risk of breast cancer among the most physically active women compared with those who are least active. a 1989 randomized trial of 45 women undergoing adjuvant chemotherapy for stage II breast cancer demonstrated that 10 weeks of interval-based, aerobic exercise not only improved functional capacity and body composition, but it also decreased chemotherapy-induced nausea. This pioneering work demonstrated that aerobic exercise was feasible, safe, and beneficial for patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Followed by www.prevention.com who states: Working out can reduce your risk of getting breast cancer, but if you do develop the disease, different types of exercise can also improve your recovery. Try these tested and proven suggestions for integrating fitness into your treatment plan every step of the way. Prevention.com recommends doing the Spider Walk, the Pendulum, and Chest Stretches.

They say life is a game we play where we know no one gets out alive, but every day we wake up is a fight for another day of life. In this fight we are not fighting to live forever, we are just fighting to win the day and gain tomorrow.

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